Read what people are saying about the Chicago Pioneers Girls Baseball Program

Below is a sampling of the kind and supportive messages the Chicago Pioneers received.

  • Jen from Florida writes -
    Was that fun or what !!!!!!!! Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of your Pioneer family this week at Roy Hobbs.....I had a BLAST, and hey lets face it, winning is a beautifull thing, Thanks again and looking forward to playing with all of you again...Go Pioneers!!!!!!
  • Pam from Washington state writes -
    Just a word that you may know how very much I appreciate your providing opportunities for girls that play baseball, and especially, your inviting my grand-daughter to play with the Pioneers again in 2011. She had a wonderful time at the 2011 Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Myers, Florida.
    Cheers to you and the coaches for helping to make it happen.
    P.S. Back in 1950 I wanted to play baseball with the Pee Wee League but my folks wouldn't let me because girls didn't play!
  • Scott from Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada writes -
    We had a great time in Florida, thank you for the opportunities you have provided. I love everything you are doing and fully support your efforts. The Program you are providing is opening doors. I am happy to spread the word. My daughter has benefitted by being a "Pioneer", both as a ballplayer and a young lady. She is very proud to wear her Pioneers' stuff around town. She loves being a Pioneer.
    I cannot thank the Stegeman family enough. You have inspired me to re-think a girls program here. I feel as though my association with you guys has fueled my desire to grow this game, locally. Thank You and talk with you soon.
  • Carla from Northbrook, IL writes -
    Just read your article in the Northbrook Star. I'm so impressed by what you and your husband are doing. I have two young boys (6 and 9) both of whom play baseball. (My 9 year old's team just won the Northshore playoffs). Unfortunately, I don't have any girls, but I'm a big fan of what you're doing and am sending electronic support and kudos to you both. I think some of the boys and coaches in the league could learn a lot about playing for the love of the game like your girls seem to be doing, instead of always sacrificing everything for the win including sportsmanship (and/or the hope of a college scholarships/pro talent scout, etc). Keep up the great work!
  • Mike from Northbrook, IL -
    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful game on Wednesday night (at Thillens Stadium on 8/1). Dana (daughter, age 10 who played in the all-girls baseball game) has not stopped talking about it. She had a great experience and a lot of fun. Thank you for all of your tremendous work in getting the team organized. After only a year, it seems like the program has come a long way. I really admire your family's dedication and determination to making this happen.
  • Erica from Chicago writes -
    Hi, I am very interested in playing baseball. As a girl, it's hard to find anything around my area to play, besides fast pitch girls softball. I've been playing baseball (with boys) since I was 7 or 8. I usually played second base, but in a bind, I filled in anywhere needed. In the 11-13 year old division (Majors) I broke the record at McGuane Park to ever Pitch and Catch as a girl, and did it in the same day.
    I also played RBI (Revitalizing Baseball for the Inner City through the Chicago Cubs) in the 13-15 year old division up to 14 years old. The RBI team made it to the Championship game in Wrigley Field where I also played second base. I see that you have 14u and 15u. I am 17 years old, senior in high school, is there anything for me ?
  • Adriana from Chicago writes -
    I'm 16 years old and I love to play baseball, softball never really got my attention but that's all I can play in my high school and I really don't like it as much as baseball. Then I saw the Pioneers on the news and thought maybe it would be a good place for me to try for. I would like to know more about it.
  • Theresa from New York writes -
    I have a 9 year old daughter who absolutely loves the game of baseball. She originally started playing ball on a girls softball team but did not like it at all. She wanted to play baseball. We live in Brooklyn, New York and there is really nowhere for girls to play baseball with other girls. So, she tried playing baseball on a boys' baseball team. Last week she became the first girl to make it to the boys' baseball travel team. She is so excited!
    This morning someone mentioned to me about there being girl's baseball teams so I started searching the web and came up with your name and e-mail address. Are there any girls' baseball teams that you know of currently in or around Brooklyn that I can contact or can you point me in the right direction so as to maybe start something up in Brooklyn.
    I can relate to everything the girls and the adults were saying (in the July 23 ABC 7 podcast). My daughter (age 9) just wants to play "baseball". She is tired of people telling her that she should be playing "softball". Baseball is just a sport and it is a sport that some girls really want to play. I would love to have a girls baseball team for my daughter to play on. She is playing on a boys travel team right now. Some managers do not want to let girls play and I am always fighting it!!!!
  • Steve from Tinley Park, IL writes -
    Do you know of any girls leagues in the south suburbs? Awesome website by the way. It's great to see girls playing baseball. My daughter (age 9) loves to play, but she has to play with the boys and I'd like her to compete with girls if possible. She just happened to see it (ABC 7's July 23 feature on the Pioneers) and called me. She's very excited about next Wednesday (playing all-girls baseball at Thillens Stadium).
  • Doug from Winnetka, IL writes -
    My daughter (age 12) is interested in the Chicago Pioneers. What is the procedure to tryout or join the team? You mentioned something about the first all girls baseball game at Thillens Stadium on Wednesday (July 25). Can you give me more info?
  • Hey Pioneers, this is B from the (Chicago) Gems (Women's Baseball Club) -
    I just want to tell you that I am very proud of you girls, I know you did well in Detroit (at the CAN-AM Tournament June 30-July2), and I just read your article in the Sun-Times (July 8).
    Keep it up, I can't wait to see you trying out for the USA team in the near future.
  • Nannette from Aurora, IL writes -
    Is there a (girls baseball) league or team located in the western suburbs?
    My boyfriend's 11 year old daughter is currently playing in a boys league in Oswego, but lives in Aurora. Keep me posted as to any new teams.
  • Bob, a high school Varsity Baseball coach in Wilmette, IL writes -
    I have one girl (age 10) I teach that is very interested in baseball so I passed along your information to her. I think she would be a terrific baseball player.
  • Susan from Oregon writes -
    I couldn't be more excited to have found your organization (Chicago Pioneers) on the web. I am extremely interested in starting a similar program here in Portland, Oregon. Please contact me about how.
  • Kurt from Lake Villa, IL writes -
    My daughters had a blast last night at the open lesson. They were so excited to meet the other girls and play.... All anyone in my house can do is talk about baseball today. I want to thank
    you and your family for making this contribution for the girls. It is very nice to see someone so committed to girl’s sports. Thanks again.
  • Gary and April from Lindenhurst, IL write -
    We just wanted to say thank you. Our daughter (age 11) is having a great time.
    She and her friend (age 10) talk and talk about the weekly lessons all the way in our 45 minute drive home. And when she gets home from lessons she spends 20 minutes telling us every detail. As parents this makes us very happy to see these girls getting the chance to play a sport they love. Thank you and to all of your instructors that are putting time in so these girl can have their chance to play baseball. Just received a call from a friend who has twin girls who are 10. He would like to bring them to the next lesson.

    And again after the CAM-AM Tournament in Detroit....
    What a time we had (in Detroit at the first U.S. girls baseball tournament, June 30-July 1). EVERYONE WAS GREAT! There is so much to say but for those of us who had witnessed the last game bottom of the 6th (against the Pawtucket Slaterettes) really understand and can sum it up as an awesome experience.
    That was baseball at its best. (The Pioneers had bases loaded and
    won the final game 5-4 on a walk-off suicide squeeze). Our family looks forward to participating in many other events with the Pioneers! Where are we going next?
  • Bill from Berwyn, IL. writes -
    My daughter is anxious to play again too but nothing could ever replace last weekend ( first girls youth tournament in the US ). One thing that my wife and I have noticed is that all the parents associated with the Chicago Pioneers are genuinely nice people. Many thanks to Greg & Mary Jo for for providing an outlet for my daughter to play a game she loves.
  • Gabrielle & Andrew from Winnetka, IL write -
    We just wanted to thank the whole Stegeman family for your incredible perseverance, inspiration and dedication to the cause of girls' baseball. The effort required to get the Pioneers where they are cannot be underestimated. We are truly grateful. Our daughter (age 13) had a fabulous time at her first NSBL game. This will be the third summer she's watched her younger brother play travel ball, and thanks to you all, she now has her chance. You're the best!
  • Scott from Georgia writes -
    I think this youth girls baseball tournament in Detroit is a great opportunity for the girls. Count the two Atlanta sisters (15yo and 12yo) as definitely in.
    Thanks for all your organizing efforts.I think this is a great opportunity for the girls.
  • Wendy and Brian from Ohio write -
    We had a wonderful time in Detroit (at the CAN-AM Women's Baseball Tournament, June 30-July2) and really enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you so much for allowing our daughter (age 16)
    to participate with the Pioneers. I see great things in the near future for women's baseball. Again thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do for women's baseball. Please thank all the Pioneer team members and their families for making our daughter and our family feel so welcome on the team. Best of luck with the rest of your season and BEAT those boys.
  • Suzanne and Scott from Chicago write -
    I have to admit I was really ready for a "butt kicking" on
    Saturday...(the first game participating in the boys travel league. Although the Pioneers lost, the score was 5-3).
    Boy was I surprised! What a great group of girls...we had a GREAT
    time and got to meet some of the other parents who were nice enough to introduce themselves to us. The girls had a great time too! I am so happy we found The Pioneers!!!

    And again after the CAN-AM Tournament in Detroit.....
    Last weekend (Detroit girls baseball tournament, June 30-July1) was an experience we won't soon forget! Thank you for your never
    ending energy and enthusiasm! We have done 100's of hockey tournaments all over the country, some we win, some not...BUT last weekend's (girls baseball tournament) tops any hockey game we've ever played in!..... Thanks for all you do!
  • Brian from Evanston, IL writes -
    Thanks for coordinating everything for the CAN-AM Girls Baseball tournament in Detroit (June 30-July 1) . My daughter (age 10) had a great time and is looking forward to the future with the Pioneers.
  • Larry from Yorkville, IL writes -
    I would like to thank you very much for having us. My daughter (age 10) had a fantastic time playing baseball in such a competitive environment (at the first all-girls baseball game at Thillens Stadium on 7/25). It was a night she will likely never forget..... Thanks again and best of luck with this wonderful effort you are making for girls here and everywhere.
  • John from Indiana writes -
    Thanks and look to see you daughter (age 12) is really excited to play (in the first 2 all girls baseball games at Thillens Stadium)!
  • Denise from New York writes -
    I wish we lived there (in Chicago) so my daughter could join the team. You must be so proud of the girls and they must be so thankful for you and what you have done for them. I think it is one of the greatest gifts you could give them because they all must love baseball more than anything! We are so proud of all that they stand for and do, please let them know.
  • Deb from Naperville, IL writes -
    This idea of girls baseball is so exciting to us that I hate and my daughter (age 12) hate not being able to participate. I would love for you to keep us on your mailing list and if this ever expands to the Western Suburbs she would love to be involved. Right now she has too much on her plate to be traveling up north. Thank you for keeping me informed. I really appreciate it.
  • Jerry from Gardner, IL writes -
    Hi, Would like to know when and where your team practices. My
    daughter is only 10 and played for the state ASA & NSA fastpitch champs. I would like her to see girls baseball............Thanks

  • Brian and Kelly from Evanston IL write-
    I just wanted to thank all the girls for such a great weekend of baseball (15U Girls Baseball National Championship in Fort Myers, Florida, October 26-28). I know it was an event that my daughter, (age 10) was very proud to be part of and she has not stopped talking about all the girls.

  • Scott and Mary from Atlanta, GA write-
    Thanks to you all for coaching all our girls (at the 15U Girls National Baseball Championship) and balancing fun, playing time, and winning which is always a challenge. I think it will be a weekend we will all remember for a long time to come. The Boden girls (triplets age 15 and sister age 13) are looking forward to playing baseball again with all of you in 2008.

  • Donna and John from Concord, NC write-
    I want to extend a warm thank you for allowing our daughter (age 14) the opportunity to play with the Pioneers. You have an excellent team, and that includes the coaches. These girls are some of the best athletes and ball players I have seen. I was very impressed by the level of skill that was displayed from the youngest to the oldest. You can tell the girls really love to play the game. My daughter had a wonderful weekend (at the 15U Girls National Baseball Championship). After seeing how well these girls played, she has decided she would like to try out for her JV Baseball Team at High School and she took it upon herself to write a letter to the athletic director asking if she could. We will see what happens. I look forward to working with you over the coming years to advance the opportunities for girls baseball in the Carolinas. Thanks again!

  • Gary from Lindenhurst, IL writes-
    This past weekend was baseball at it best! (15U Girls National Baseball Championship, October 26-28 in Fort Myers, FL). What a team effort. Everyone played an important part. My daughter (age 11) was still buzzing about our games. She couldn't wait to go back to school to share her experience. This will be a memory of a life time. She is looking forward to participating in several more tournaments to come. Thank you all!

  • Cheryl from Cary, NC writes-
    I ditto everything everyone has said. My daugher (age 13) continues to talk about the weekend (and her parents continue to brag about She hated to see it end and she cannot wait for the next event. I'm sure she will cherish the memories for a very long time to come. It is so exciting to see girls out there playing baseball...and not only giving it a try but playing it very well. All my daughter has talked about since we got back is how she's going to miss all her new friends, how she didn't realize how much she missed playing baseball, and how much MORE fun it was to play baseball with the "girls" instead of the boys. Thanks to all of you for welcoming us onto your team!

  • Michelle from Evanston, IL writes-
    My daughter (age 12) and I so appreciate the efforts of all the Pioneers coaches and managers for their time, encouragement and ability to keep the girls focused, breathing and even smiling in the most stressful of moments; the group of girls who so quickly came together; and the parents who cheered their girls to victory. We look forward to much more baseball to come with the Chicago Pioneers.

  • Cindy and Randy from Troutdale, OR write-
    I fully agree with everything that has been said! My daughter (age 13) and I went up to Canada this summer for baseball camp and it was a great group of parents and girls. In Florida, when my daughter and I were leaving the practice, and driving to the game, I asked her what she thought of the girls. She said that she liked them. I asked her what she thought of them compared to the group from Canada. She said that she liked this group better, and that this was the first time she felt like she was really a part of a team.
    That my daughter walked away from an hour of practice with the Pioneers and felt more comfortable with and more a part of this team than the group that she had spent a solid week with says a lot about the Pioneers and the coaches. Again, thank you so much for this opportunity. My husband and I are committed to having Miranda participate in as many baseball opportunities as possible, so anytime you are looking for players, you know where to find us. :-)

  • Shawn (an opposing team player in Fort Myers) from Ann Arbor, MI writes-
    I wanted to congratulate you and the Pioneers on the team's performance at Roy Hobbs. They are an excellent group of young ladies who have a lot of athletic and baseball talent. Hats off to you for putting together such a good team, and hats off to your family for supporting you. I know how much work it takes for all of it!